Jasmine thinks she has it all planned out : a corporate life from a well-paying job. But life, with a plan of its own, throws her in the tizzy of the fashion world. Now an aspiring model, her grappling journey in this unfamiliar arena puts her on a soul-searching roller-coaster ride.

How to Manage Social Media Distractions for Success

Failing on timely submissions for a frequent update of your profile picture. Procrastinating important tasks but high on fascination over your friend’s new luxury car displayed on social media can dominate your emotions and actions that may end up jeopardizing your goals. Jasmine had a similar loss of focus with too many distractions distracting her from what she wanted to achieve.

But it’s never too late. Take this 25-minute course help you distance yourself from social media and its lurking hidden shadows.


Learn to Decode Failure with Jasmine

Jasmine had the most promising face and the most desirable attitude. Then what went wrong that made Jasmine stand at 6th position and not win the Ezest Miss India title?

We may come across situations on our journey to success where a win seems inevitable and yet we fail.

Let's decode failure through this course and unravel the reasons behind such unexpected failures and what you can do about it.


Jasmine’s Cues - How To Manifest Your Dreams

What after all made the Indie Appsfone project a grand slam for Jasmine? Ever wondered what makes an individual so sturdy to withstand any hurdle that comes in their way of shaping their dreams? Check this video out and understand what Bala had to say about making dreams happen.


Consciousness Integrated Lifestyle

With Bala's advice and support, Jasmine went through a holistic evolution that helped her to understand better her goals and to sustain better focus on it and accomplish what she always dreamt of.
We too can take that ConsciousLeap towards making Success, a competency.

Check this video out and enlighten yourself with “Consciousness Integrated Lifestyle” to lead a life where success becomes a skill that can be applied to all areas of life.